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This is an introduction to SnatchedUp contracts. We will be covering the basics of understanding how our contract systems work and what to expect. Part of the miracle if you will about SnatchedUp is the intuitive interface and flow of our contracting system. Traditional contracts have always required extensive studying with courses and needing physical agents walking you through each line item in order to understand and complete them. There are many lines, questions, and complicated language on real estate contracts. Now with SnatchedUp you can fill out contracts without needing a physical agent present. This is the power of SnatchedUp. We’ve translated the complicated language into easy to understand questions combined with a unique simple interface.


Contracts are legal documents that help ensure protection and peace of mind. Not only for buyers and sellers but lending institutions. You can rest assured our contracts are state recognized legal documents and bank accepted. The main difference now is the time investment and complexities have been removed out of the process. No longer do you have to wait for an agent to download, print, drive to your home and walk you through each line item. In fact with imillee we can save our clients close to 38 hours of interaction with agents. Every process that was once a time consuming and stressful task has now become automated. From accessing contracts, filling them out, signing and delivering them to the other party or parties involved in the transaction.

The Difference

The most common contracts in real estate are the purchase and sale agreements ie. making an offer, property condition disclosure, ie. condition of the home, and counter offer ie. self explanatory. SnatchedUp contracts are powered by code written by developers, and the education of attorneys and Brokers alike. These contracts are needed to ensure a successful transaction, only now they’re automated. Accessing any of these contracts is as simple as opening your dashboard and clicking a button. Please note that some contracts are conditional and for conditional contracts you will be prompted with notifications and how to’s when and if they’re needed.

Generating Contracts

Before any actual contract is generated you will need to complete all of the questions asked and then click Finish & Sign. The contract and all of the information required to complete the contract will then be generated and then sent to your inbox for signature. The only step you will need to complete after receiving the contract is simply opening your email inbox that’s associated with your SnatchedUp account and clicking sign. After your digital signature has been added to the contract, the final document(s) will be automatically delivered to all parties who need them. For example: if you are the buyer and are making an offer, upon adding your signature to the purchase and sale agreement ie. your offer, it will then be sent to the current home owner/seller, allowing them to review your offer and to add their signature. 

This workflow is done for you and is now streamlined.

Contracts are simply simple now. It’s okay at first to think otherwise but once you get started with one, we’re confident you’ll realize just how easy and effortless our contracting system is.

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